Why TRCKTrace?

TRCKTrace offers monitor solutions for the Music Industry. If your music is out there, being played on the web or live on stage. We will trace & identify it and report it back with meta data to help you collect your rightfull earnings.

What can we do:

  • Music Monetization

By tracking and identifying this music and the website owner, we help to monetize your online music.

  • Music Event Detection

Music Events Detection in your territory, both live and recorded music events. If a music events is being announced online, we will find it and report it back with all relevant information.

  • Online Music Detection

We monetize your online music usage! We will track and identify even the smallest of music fragments (0.1 sec) on any given website. On Youtube, Soundcloud or any other random company website. TRCKtrace has developed a highly effective system of detecting music usage on company websites.

  • YouTube Rights Management

TRCKTrace has a very effective software which is able to screen YouTube channels and Multi Channel networks (MCN) for music identification and usage on these channels. This provides opportunities for rights management or helps improve value proposition.


In conclusion: We help you to collect your earnings!


Sounds good?

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